Important notice regarding additional margin requirements for MTF positions

In light of the current market volatility, as a prudent risk management measure, we will be increasing the margin requirements of our Margin Trading Funding (MTF) with effect from Monday, 12th February 2024. The additional margin is in the range of 3.5% to 5% of trade value.

We are certain that you will appreciate this decision as it is an effort to protect your portfolio from the risk of excess leverage during high market volatility. Please note that the new margin structure will have an impact on the buying power and margin shortage of all open positions of other products (FAO/COM/CD) as well, as our Order Management System takes into account the combined collateral value across all products at client level.

Our new margin structure is given below:

With the above changes please see an illustration below

Please note that these adjustments will apply to both your existing positions and any new purchases you make. Request you to plan your trades accordingly.

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